My name is Kiera-louise.

I have a background in business & psychology.

I am a fully qualified life coach, astrologer and Isis blue moon practitioner.

I help people achieve transformation from the Inside-Out.

From my own personal journey and healing, i now not only believe in miracles, I see them happen all the time.

I am here to help you UP level, raise your frequency and step into your highest, most magnetic self.

My programs are the perfect elixir of spiritual psychology infused with neuroscience, practical, actionable advice, cosmic teachings and a sprinkle of magick

(Yes, This is exactly how i like to spell it)

Each offering has been uniquely designed with the help of my own energetic gifts to enrich lives and radically serve your personal evolution.

My intention is to help spark your soul into remembering who You came here to be.

Offering you a gateway into quantum shifts which will transform your inner world; and as a result your external reality.

Thankyou truly for being here. I cannot wait to work with you.

Explore & Follow your Inner Guidance…