We all have incredible power within us to create change.

Whatever you deeply desire for your life is exactly what the Universe / God / Creation (whatever word resonates deeply) seeks to experience through you. Simply put, It’s designed that way!

As a coach who is trauma-informed, Intuitive and ICF certified, My intention is to help transform your Life & Business whilst sparking your soul into remembering who You came here to be.

This 1:1 coaching package is the most intimate way to work with me and is designed in a way that everything needed for your growth and evolution is perfectly orchestrated and delivered for you in divine timing. Our work together helps you tap into your full potential. Offering profound breakthroughs and a gateway into quantum shifts which will transform your inner world; and as a result your external reality.

1-1 Coaching


My coaching style is quite unique. 

Unlike most coaches who predominately work only on the mental plane, my body of work specialises in helping facilitate change on not just 1, but 5 different levels. This coaching style will help shift you into more powerful states to access a higher consciousness, emotional freedom and ultimately guide you towards your highest potential.

Inside this 12 week package, i work with you in a safe container, where together we identify what's holding you back when reaching towards your goals and shift beyond it. I believe in working things from the root and from the inside-out.

This methodology helps ensure that transformation is sustainable, easy & long lasting. But most importantly, it helps ensure that you are left feeling confident as the one guiding your OWN life.

how it works


personal sessions are currently held on zoom

the more you align with who you are, the more the universe will align with you.