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Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Your Astrological Birth chart is your personal energetic blueprint of who you are and what your here to explore. Your exact birth chart will only ever occur once every 4 million 800,000 years (So please be rest assured of how divinely perfect and special you actually are) It acts as a cosmic road map to empowerment, showcasing all our gifts, talents, challenges and deepest desires.

Through a chart reading; I will draw up and analyse your planetary aspects and placements. I will then record the reading and send it across on audio so you can stop, pause and re-listen as many times as you like. (Trust me you will want to!)

You will learn things about yourself and uncover elements of your essence that are waiting to be awakened.

When you integrate your personal astrology it leads to personal power, creation from a place of authenticity and a deeper sense of confidence in who we really are.