1:1 Coaching


Transformational life coaching sessions on a 1:1 basis to move past blocks and activate your highest self.

Ready to make space for your highest self?

Is your soul ready to feel elevated, free, joyful and worthy?

Invest time and energy into your worth.

We are all here for a purpose.

This is a 12 week container where the programme is always uniquely designed to serve my clients highest good.  My coaching facilities change on 5 different levels and will cover a range of mental, emotional, and spiritual tools to help integrate your process, create lasting change and help shift you into a higher state of awareness.


Together we will –

  • Help guide you back towards your inner shine
  • Empower you to become the leader in your own life
  • Discover your unique soul expression
  • Identify whats holding you back and shift beyond it
  • Reach Radical Self love & inner confidence
  • Activate your highest self & purpose

Includes a Client Onboarding call and bi-weekly transformational coaching sessions.

This is a 3 month 1:1 coaching container