My mission is to call you forward so you can reclaim your power, beauty and self expression, whilst radically aligning your energy to create the deeply fulfilling, wildly expansive life your soul is craving,
both internally + externally. Mmmmhmmm…

Life doesn't want you to play small and neither do i.

You can have a life you desire and a reclamation of your power at your fingertips 

This is it. This is your life.

You have one chance, so take it. Follow your soul. Follow your heart,
do the work and choose to rise.

I stand for self transformation, emotional liberation, and personal power. I teach women all over the world how to expand their self-awareness, overcome their inner critic, tune into their inner wisdom and finally remember the truth of who they really are. 

I'm a feminine leadership coach and spiritual empowerment mentor 

i'm Kiera.

Hi Beautiful,

Professionally I’ve worked on high end media campaigns, TV, with celebrities, fashion brands and built a highly successful makeup school. I’ve won awards for business and entrepreneurship, been featured in magazines and taught masterclasses on stage to hundreds of people.

But personally I am a recovered perfectionist, ex party girl, and former over-achiever who had a fierce inner critic and an outdated belief that she needed to hustle 24/7 to prove her worth.

I believe that when we are ready to expand, life will show us who are teachers are. 
And when we feel on the edge of fear. It means we’re about to up-level into where we are actually meant to go.

I’ve helped women re-write their script, shatter their limiting beliefs, say goodbye to relationships that do not value them, and clear the emotional pain and trauma that is chipping away at their confidence, personal power and spiritual growth. I show you how to liberate yourself from the mental-emotional patterns that are tying your energy in knots, how to escape unworthiness traps, access your intuition and how to clean up your vibration so that you can step into your magnetism and truly decide how life gets to be for you.

My hope is that from the moment you land on this page and step into my world, you are inspired to say YES to your wildest dreams and remember the beauty and power that lies deep within

When You Step Into My World...

We learn
We Go Deep
We Arrive, and
Together We Rise  

all combined with a deep knowledge of spiritual and energetic principles


Business, Beauty & Psychology 
BA (hons) MSC, QTS, PGCE
TRE Trauma Informed Coach
Emotional Mastery & Nervous system regulation
Subconscious Reprogramming
Shadow/Inner Child work & Integration
Energy clearing & Alignment 
Somatic Therapy
Womb work, de-armouring and ancestral healing
Breathwork & Meditation 
Internal Family Systems
Tantric Principles  Masculine/Feminine connection

About Me

FUN FACTS & things that are true 

Splenic Projector in Human Design with a big heart and a higher vision for the planet.
I’ve always been able to truly SEE people and also see through them.
My intuition is my greatest superpower although it took me a real long time to really own this. 


About Me


 Sag Sun, Taurus Moon, Libra Rising, and a north node in Aquarius.
I’m here to pave the way for emotional liberation and seed in a new paradigm of divine feminine leadership.


About Me


Type 3 in the ennegram and classic over-achiever. I have been working since I was 14 and after doing work on removing the badge of ‘hard worker’ I’m still one of the hardest workers I know.


let's work together

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