Shadow Workshop

Awakening to your Essence

Shadow work often gets a bad rep, but in my experience, it's one of the quickest ways to true freedom. This online workshop is here to help you uncover your true energetic nature and live in its expression. Composed of a series of channelled exercises, meditations and actionable tools to help access your subconscious; This work will allow you to detect all aspects of self that have been abandoned due to childhood, societal, media and peer shame. 

nothing changes until you do...

Please note that this course is truly transformative & 111% effective if committed and present. Shadow is heavy as its designed to break you open.

the ultimate alchemisation 

 This course will allow you to

-Deepen self awareness & compassion 
-Detect aspects of self that have been hidden, abandoned or repressed due to childhood, societal, media and peer shame.
-Say goodbye to limiting beliefs
-Break free from sabotaging behaviours
-Shift you into a higher state of consciousness.

If you are always stressed, worried or insecure about what others think and can't help but forever compare yourself.

You suffer with Comparisonitus

You are afraid of true intimacy and being seen by others

Your soul craves meaning, depth, and true connection with others in all areas of your life, yet there is a part of you which is afraid of ever letting your walls down and being really vulnerable


You keep repeating negative patterns in your life 

Repeated negative patterns in life are not coincidence. They are expressions of your shadow mirrored into your reality with the hope of being seen and integrated. The shadow wants you to become aware of it, so let's help you take the steps to transcend. 

Maybe The Journey Isn't So Much About Becoming Anything,
Maybe It's About Un-Becoming Everything That Isn't Really You

Are you ready?

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