In a woman’s journey toward realising her full potential, embracing self-love is a powerful step. In this workshop we will explore the intrinsic wisdom of self love and how it’s magic (or lack thereof) shows up through the 6 key terrains of life. We will look at how to step away from your inner critic and dial up your worth-i-ometre to build confidence, trust ourselves and create a new lease of happiness, freedom and healthier relationships. 

Self-Love Online Workshop


This experience will help you see past the limiting beliefs & stories to the truth of who you are ,,, Epic AF ;)
It aims to support you in embodying your feminine confidence and vibrancy so you can align with your hearts desires & the sovereign woman you truly are. 

benefits of the workshop:

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Workshop Duration: 2 hours

Time: 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Date: Wednesday 21st July 2021

Timezone: Manchester UK, GMT

Location: Zoom 

Cost: £20


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