We ALL come into this world on an INHALE and we leave this world on an EXHALE.

There is nothing more essential to our health & well being than breathing: we take air in, let it out, repeat, 25,000 times a day!! 

Breathwork is a skill that can change your life.


- Managing stress relief 
- Supporting positive mindset 
- Pain management 
- Alleviating anxiety & depression
- Mental & physical wellbeing 
- Improving your mood
- Improving gut health 
- Lowering heart rate & blood pressure 
- Makes you more vibrant & radiant 
- Increases clarity & focus 
(You'll be laser -focused the day after)
- Reduces food cravings
- Alleviates insomnia and helps you sleep better 

Breathwork will help with;

Breakthrough with Breathwork.

Safety Guidelines 

You must consult a physician before participating in breathwork sessions if you have any of the following;

Cardiovascular problems, Detached retina, High or abnormal blood pressure, Kidney disease, History of aneurysms, Epilepsy or history of seizures, Heart disease, Chronic panic attacks, Asthma, Anyone on heavy medication, Severe psychiatric symptoms, particularly psychosis or paranoia, Bipolar depression, Osteoporosis, Recent surgery, Glaucoma, Past trauma, Pregnancy, Depression, An active addiction, Any person with mental illness who isn’t in treatment or lacks adequate support, Anyone experiencing an emotional or spiritual crisis.

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