Sisstarz sharing circles are a safe space for women to come together, learn, grow and be supported with compassion on their healing journeys.

It is no secret that when women come together, we hold and generate power beyond what one could imagine. 

Now more than ever we need community and a union of soul sisters to unite as one. 

- Be part of a beautiful community 
- Reclaim your sovereign power as a woman 
- Heal the feminine wounds we have carried as a collective
- Understand how it feels to be part of a loving sisterhood
-Enhance your spiritual & self development

Womens Circles


Women loving, supporting, nurturing & empowering one another is the medicine that this world needs.

Joining the circle will allow you to...

in person workshop 

the share circles are a supportive environment in which women can be heard, held and seen without judgment.

OPEN TO ALL AGES, They are an invitation to connect to a sisterhood, meet with others from all walks of life and share your sacred wisdom and experiences.

Each circle is channelled uniquely to serve the energy of those who attend on the night, and so no two ceremonies are the same.
We incorporate guided meditations, coaching exercises, oracle cards and intention-setting.   

I believe women are the "dreamers and creators of this earth“ and if a women holds the power to create life, she also holds the power to create the life she desires.

Become part of a sacred and welcoming community.

Enhance your spiritual and self development 

When women come together we can change our inner chemistry and our hormonal balance in the presence of each other. 

As a result of this we can strengthen our immune system, calm our nervous system as well as enhance confidence.

We learn and grow together.

"We are the granddaughters of the witches they could not burn"