The "S.H.E" Method

it's time to Become the woman you came here to be... 

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an 8 week elevation to empowerment

Let me guess babe...

When you envision your life, you think of one dripping head to toe in
sexy abundance, wild adventures and ultra delicious slices of freedom ... 

But when you take a long hard look around; your reality could not be further from the truth.

 your trust is lacking big-time 


you can't stop being rejected
comparison is your middle name 

YOU ARE SICK OF BEING BROKE & you're pipe dreams are sailing in the distance


and if you got the chance,
you'd wave a magic wand around and change everything you could
about the way you look - "urgh"

yeah, i see you...
and it may come as a surprise to know my darling femme, that 

you are not alone.

beautiful, the fact you even landed here is no surprise.

your super human energy is calling.

it's time to put your cape back on and begin seeing just how insanely powerful you are!

The 'S.H.E' Method 

A highly transformative group coaching program & self love sanctuary for women who are ready to rise into reclamation and truly awaken to their power!



“Words will never do it justice. I would hire Kiera a million times over, my only regret is that i didn't do it sooner!”



Super Human Energy pulsing
through your veins

Blasting through blocks that are keeping you small, stuck and stagnant

Calibrating to your confidence

Rising in your radiance 

Reclaiming energetic wholeness.

Learning how to LIVE bigger, LOVE bigger and PLAY bigger!

Whilst being held and supported in a deeply intimate way within an ultra loving community of other like-minded soul sisters.


Imagine this...

sweet sister i get it. 

for over a decade i've worked in an industry that tells us we are not worthy.

one that focuses on lack, imperfection and impossible standards as baseline 

one that plagues us with an illusion that we need to 'fix' what's wrong 

(to be skinnier, prettier, smarter, richer or coupled) 

and that we will never quite hit the mark or be perfect, exactly as we are.

i know this too well because,
i was the number one customer. 

i've been glammed up and felt miserable inside. 

and for a long time, it looked like i had it all.
the house, the car, the holidays, the business.

on paper things were great,
but deep down i knew something was missing. 

i felt lonely. 

but that loneliness was just feedback,
 That a part of me needed my attention.

in my pursuit for society's accolades,
i had abandoned who i truly was. 

it was a long and winding road
searching high & low for something or someone outside of me, to fill the void i felt within.

until the moment came when i realised 
"i" was the missing piece.

what i had been looking for, had been inside me all along - i just had to wake up to it.

's.h.e' lives inside of you 

& she is waiting for you to return  

let me show you the way...

8 Live Weekly Calls loaded with wisdom, codes & transformational practices held on Zoom

Group Voxer Chat & Support
(Where you can be held by myself & fellow Super Human Queens)   

Module Resources, PDFs, Meditations, & Playlists 

Embodiment practices to deepen your feminine flow

Plus some juicy secret Bonuses (Obv) hehe... 


THE SHE METHOD will radically increase your self worth, power and confidence 

You’ll finally be FREE from the judgement zone, limiting mindsets and scarcity codes, and cultivate more radiance, alignment and fortune mmmmmmm...

in this eight week journey together... 

you will feel the pulse of super human energy return to your life.

YOU WILL be reunited with feminine soul frequencies that REMIND YOU OF YOUR INHERENT WORTH, LOVE AND VALUE 


in a playground of empowerment with kiera + your new best friends

my proven process to get Crystal clear clarity on what you really want in your life so you can begin makin' it happen

how to move beyond fear and insecurity into deeper levels of self trust, worth and confidence

making peace with your inner critic & flipping the switch from self sabotage to self love

healing your relationships & inner child 

the cure to comparision-itus

loving your body temple with powerful acceptance & self love rituals

tapping into your inner artistry and connecting with your creativity  

plus THE INSIDE SCOOP ON attracting everything you ever want in life!! 

A bite-size taste of what's inside... 

take a look

All of this at your fingertips...

"I knew as soon as i met Kiera i needed to work with her, but i didn’t realise how much doing so would really help me until in those moments. It makes me cry at how much I have moved through in these past 6 months!"

now feels proud to be a women living from an empowered state of mind


I chose Kiera because i have been witnessing her own journey and seeing all that she has created for herself spiritually and physically. I'm so grateful that i chose her as she really took me into the depths of myself and held up a mirror for me to see who i really am. We worked through all of my blocks and got right to the roots. Kiera helped bring me back to my power, creativity and wisdom. My confidence grew, orders are flying in. I made back the money i invested in the first month. I got a new job, relationships are healthier, i have more passion, purpose and clarity. I have structure and organisation. Better boundaries and i choose myself every single day. Coaching was an essential investment for me to to level up out of the pit i was falling back into and what i've learnt will be something that stays with me forever.

"Even just booking on i felt a shift inside me. Kiera's work is powerful & will be something that will stay with me forever."


went from feeling stuck to shining

"I was blown away. Things i had tried to resolve on my own or in YEARS of therapy were actually resolved within an hour on a zoom call"

healed more in 3 months of coaching than she did in 5 years of therapy


Success Stories

I don't know how she does it but working with Kiera has enabled me to see that sometimes you just need the right help. Before working with her i had tried to resolve things on my own and spent YEARS on and off in therapy with no real results or just feeling even worse about the person i was.  Kiera never judged me and always made me feel safe. Words can't ever repay that. Having her as my coach has been one of the biggest gifts in my life.

I went through so many life shifts as soon as I started coaching with Kiera. Being in her presence alone is inspiring, and having her as my coach for 6 months was just incredible! She sees the things you can't and lovingly calls you forward. She's fierce but loving, kind but firm and genuinely cares and wants the best for you. The S.H.E Method has been a complete 360 transformation for me. From cleaning up my money stories and quantum leaping in my business, to childhood wounds, calling in new love and orgasmic manifestation… The cycles i was stuck in now feel like a distant memory and i'm so proud of the women i've become. If you are thinking of joining, honestly just do it - This will be the BEST decision you ever make"

don't just take our word for it...

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I'm a spiritual empowerment mentor and feminine leadership coach. A stand for self transformation, emotional liberation, and personal power. I teach women all over the world how to expand their self-awareness, overcome their inner critic, tune into their inner wisdom and align their energy to create the deeply fulfilling, wildly expansive life their soul is craving, both internally + externally. 

Hey! I'm Kiera!

Meet your coach & personal evolution mentor!

- melissa

“The thought of hiring a coach, i'll admit was a little scary. If you're on the fence, let me just say this is the best decision you can ever make. Kiera definitely has a magic touch, within just 3 sessions of hiring her i was able to finally let go of an old relationship that had been holding me back (which i didn't realise!) and secured a 5 figure contract in the same week. It's truly been a miracle”

Unapologetic Confidence, authentic self expression and ravishing in your radiance ARE SINGING YOUR NAME. YOU'RE READY TO STEP INTO YOUR POWER, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - STAY THERE!

You're tired of looping and still acting from your past wounds. YOU WANT TO FULFIL YOUR POTENTIAL AND ALIGN WITH THE TRUTH OF YOUR SOUL

You're done playing the 'not enough' game. you know it's time to clean up your vibration, raise the bar & decide how life gets to be for you 

Your're ready to LOVE YOURSELF LIKE NEVER BEFORE, TO EMBODY YOUR WHOLENESS  AND LEARN TO silence your inner mean girl once and for all! 

This is for you if...

You're stuck in cycles of comparison, perfectionism, people pleasing, doubting yourself and other self-sabotaging behaviours that are stopping you shining,

Payment Plan


x3 payments of £400

i'm in 

One Payment 



Gimmie gimmie

Best Value!

select the plan that works for you:


This purchase is non-refundable.
If you are using a payment plan, you are obligated to pay every month.
The results you experience will come from your own effort and motivation.
You agree to be 100% committed and responsible for yourself and your experience. 
This program is taught live starting on july 12th 2022

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Your Super Human Energy Awaits...

Ready to make the unrealistic, possible?

still have questions?
I'd love to answer them!

Sessions are currently held on zoom on UK timezone (Currently GMT) 

Where are the sessions held?

Any woman aged 18 years or older can join the S.H.E Method. I’ve worked with women of all ages and walks of life, even queens in their 60s. This work is a gift and it’s never too late to start.

Is there an age restriction?

My containers are designed with clients safety and highest evolvement in mind.
The S.H.E Method is an intensive experience that will radically transform and shift both who you are and how you show up in the world. 
You will leave this program a different woman to when you begin.
My intention as a coach is to empower you with the tools so you can be the leader of your own life. 
In doing so, i hold you to that standard & trust in your ability to rise.
You agree to be 100% committed and responsible for yourself and your experience.

Becoming a Women in your power has potential to change the world and heal your future generations.
What you learn inside the 'SHE' Method becomes a way of sustainable change for your life going forward and will stay with you forevermore. 

Will it work for me?

There is a friendly monthly payment plan available at the checkout section of this page. 

 Is there a Payment plan?

First of all, It's important to me as a coach that you feel really held, safe and seen in my spaces. The 'S.H.E' Method is my unique body of work and a proven formula i take clients through to guarantee transformational change. What happens specifically i.e what tools we use throughout each session is totally unique and customised to what i feel will most serve the individuals in that session. I am highly intuitive and trained in a range of different modalities so i pull from whichever is needed in the moment and guide you through. 

Can you explain more about what goes on in a session? 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for anyone that identifies as a woman who is ready to step into her power and up-level every area of her life from the inside-out! 
If you are ready to become a woman dripping in confidence, gleaming with success, who knows who she is and loves who she is, this could be the perfect container for you!

who is the 's.h.e' method for?

In my spaces we go deep, so that you can fly high. This is a group experience that requires you to show up and be committed to your growth. This is necessary for the best results and shifts to occur.  The 'S.H.E' Method energy exchange is outlined below, so you can understand if you’re ready to say yes.

By signing up, you are devoting yourself to... 
     ● x8 Weekly 60 minute Live calls 
     ● Deepening work after each session approx 1 hour 
= Roughly 2 hours a week*